Osteopathy is a drug free, non-invasive manual therapy, concerned with the health of the whole body. One of the main principles of osteopathy is that the body functions as a whole; one poorly functioning part will tend to cause compensations elsewhere; it is therefore necessary to reveal and treat the cause of an area of pain or dysfunction, not just the painful part.

Applied Functional Science

Applied Functional Science (AFS) is based on the principles of human movement and how the body interacts with gravity, ground reaction force, and mass and momentum. It combines the physical, biological and behavioural sciences to create successful treatment, rehabilitation and injury prevention strategies that are unique to an individualís needs. There are no set protocols as each patient presents a unique set of circumstances and therefore requires a unique approach to assessment and treatment. AFS comprises, arguably, the most comprehensive in-depth and evidence-based understanding of human movement available to those working in manual therapy.

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